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I have seen many positive behavior changes in my kids within a span of six months. He is much more social than before & mingles freely with his peer group and staff. There has been a lot of improvements in academics, especially Maths and English. I am very happy with the school and I thank Ramaa mam and all the staff members.

Padmini, parent

After joining Flow, my son’s speech and behavior has improved a lot. Especially in art, there is a significant improvement. Now, without much help, he is able to fulfill his own needs. Also he is more aware socially and conducts himself beautifully in public places. I am grateful to everyone at FLOW for my son’s growth.

Usha, parent

Visiting Flow and staying with you all was an amazing experience, how will I put in words. I strongly feel like coming and devoting a little more time with the kids in your school.

More than teaching, it was a learning experience for me.

Sukant  Panigrahi, Bollywood Art Director

My son got admission in Flow 3 years ago. My son used to be very hyperactive. He wasn’t able to sit in a place for even a few minutes and used to fall down a lot while walking. After joining flow and engaging in the different activities that the school offers, He now sits for up to an hour.

As a parent, I was depressed, unable to accept this kind of a challenge. The guidance/counseling Ramaa mam gave me helped me to overcome that negative state of mind and then onwards, I stopped worrying and started to care for my kid more and came to realize that positive love and care can go a long way to give them the necessary life skills they need.

Thank you so much for support and encouragement.

Kalaiselvi, parent


I’ve been to many schools around the world with my circus programs and Flow Special School is one of my favorites. The students are open-hearted and full of enthusiasm. The teachers are dedicated, skilled, and delightful to work with. And nowhere else have I met such incredible community and support from parents. When we come to Flow School, everyone participates in the games and activities – kids, parents and teachers alike. I hope for many more visits and happy days together.

Tink (Kristen McQuillin)
Circus creator at Spin Matsuri in Japan

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