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Facilities At Flow

Flow special school provides many of the significant facilities needed by special children.

Following are the facilities that we currently provide:

  • Special Education

Individualised Education Program(IEP) for each child created after elaborate assessment of the child.

  • Physiotherapy

The physical therapy program involves educating the child about the physical problems caused by their condition, designing an individualised exercise program to address the problems, and enhancing mobility and energy conservation through the use of a variety of mobility aids and adaptive equipment.

  • Speech Therapy (With external consultation)

We provide speech therapy for children with speech impairment with external consultation.

  • Computer Education

In today’s age of technology, computer education is a must to excel in professional as well as personal pursuits. Keeping this in mind we started a computer education unit to equip our students with basic necessary computer skills which will go a long way in helping them cope with the present times.

  • Vocational Training

As a part of our vocational training program, we have included paper cup making and chocolate making complete with all the necessary equipment. We have already started selling our products from this unit in local markets!

  • Sensory Integration
  • Occupation Therapy (With external consultation)
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