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Flow Outreach Program Commenced!


Taking awareness, therapy and special education to the nearby villages – A new initiative by our wonderful FLOW school family (Parents,children and team members)!

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Flow outreach program aims at raising awareness about children with special needs and learning disabilities in the nearby villages surrounding Hosur, Tamil Nadu. As most people hailing from the rural areas are not aware of these issues that some of their kids may be facing, we attempt to help them identify and address those issues.


Brinjal from our school’s organic garden

Our first Batch Of Chocolates!

Preservative free chocolates that melt in your mouth,made from the best of ingredients! AND paper cups….Products of FLOW vocational unit…You can now place an order with us! Please do 🙂 #flowspecialschool

Fun and frolic @ flow special school — with Kristen McQuillin

Pongal celebration

Pongalo Pongal! We celebrate the festival of harvest…Happy Sankranti!! #flowspecialschool

Paper cup and plate making machine

Another step towards self reliance for our kids(4 of them turn eighteen next year)We welcomed the paper cup and plate making machine yesterday. Coincidentally our first order is from Tiruvannamalai for the Deepam festival! #flowspecialschool